Grill'd ad campaign

Grill’d is an Australian burger chain that make healthy burgers with high quality ingredients. 

To create a campaign that highlights Grill’d as the better, cleaner and healthier option.

Anyone who enjoys a good burger

Single minded proposition:
Grill’d knows how to make healthy, tasty burgers because that’s how they’ve always made their burgers

My insight:
The advertising of major fast food chains show highly manipulated examples of their food and what you order never comes out looking as good. Grill’d burgers on the other hand actually look as good as their pictures.  

My approach:
I wanted to highlight that you needn’t manage your expectations against reality with Grill’d by showing different examples of not getting what you expected. One being doll sized clothing vs what you actually ordered and the other being a catfish on a tinder date.

This is a conceptual  advertising brief. 

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